New Sons of Anarchy Spin-off


Sons of Anarchy Spinoff Gets Official Title, New Writer.

FX is revving up its Mayans-centric Sons of Anarchy spinoff.
The cabler announced Wednesday that SOA creator Kurt Sutter has handpicked up-and-coming writer Elgin James to pen the pilot for the potential series, which has been titled Mayans MC. Sutter will be credited as a co-creator alongside James.

FX, meanwhile, calls Mayans MC “a dark, visceral family drama that takes a new look at the most American of icons, the 1% outlaw, this time, reflected through a Latino lens.”
On his decision to hire James, whose most notable credit is the 2012 indie Little Birds, Sutter said in a statement, “I wanted to find a strong, unique Latino voice. Because I didn’t think a white guy from Jersey should be writing about Latin culture and traditions. Elgin is that voice.” Elgin is next set to direct the film adaptation of A Million Little Pieces.

Sons of Anarchy ended its seven-season run in 2014. Sutter’s 2015 FX follow-up, The Bastard Executioner, failed to match SOA‘s success and was subsequently cancelled after just one season.


Easyriders 2015 Bike Show Tour – Long Beach, CA – V-Twin Life

If you plan on attending a show to kick off your 2015, then there is nothing better than the Easyriders Bike Tour!  For more details on full schedule click here


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Sons Of Anarchy Star Tommy Flanagan “Chibs”
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Kurt Sutter Announces Plans For ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Movie Starring Charlie Hunnam, Brad Pitt

Hollywood, California –

Kurt Sutter, creator of the hit FX drama Sons of Anarchy, has announced plans to turn the popular television series into a major motion picture.

Sutter, who was also a writer, producer, and director on the series, said in an interview with Hollywood Today magazine that he has long contemplated taking S.O.A. to the big screen following its run on television. “People absolutely loved the show, as did I, and I have put a lot of thought into the matter, and we are going forward with turning it into a feature film” Sutter said.

Sons of Anarchy ran for seven seasons on FX, from 2008-2014, and in the process built a huge following.  Sutter said the film will star Charlie Hunnam, who played the lead character Jax Teller, as well as Ryan Hurst who played Opie Winston, and Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller. The film, which is a prequel to the storyline of Sons will also introduce fans to Jax’s father, John, who will be played by Brad Pitt.

“I am most excited about bringing Brad (Pitt) on as John Teller, he is absolutely perfect for the role. The movie will take place from the day Jax was born, and leads up to the era just before Sons Of Anarchy began as a series.”


Sutter also said that he is really happy to bring Ryan Hurst back as Opie Winston, and hopes fans will forgive him for killing Opie off. “Man I tell ya, when we killed Opie off, it was like the thing turned real. I’ve never gone public with this, but I’ve had people get really crazy when they see me in public,” said Sutter. “They shout at me, and they get angry – ‘You shouldn’t have killed Ope! I hope you rot in Hell!,’ that sort of thing. I had people try to run me off the road when they recognized me, although that just might be because I’m kind of a dangerous driver. Anyway, my hope is that this film will help them cope.”


Sutter says pre-production on film will begin in the middle of 2015, and will begin shooting sometime in the fall. “For a movie of this scope, with this much storyline attached, you should expect to see the film by the end of 2016,” said Sutter. “In the mean time, buy all the official Sons of Anarchy merchandise you can. Every dollar goes to helping get this movie completed. Brad Pitt isn’t cheap, you know.”

Biker Rally – 2014 Laughlin River Run – Harley-Davidson and V-Twin Life

It’s that time again here on the west when thousands of motorcyclist will roll into Laughlin, Nevada to take over the small town on the Colorado River.  At the annual Laughlin River Run on April 23-27, nearly 40,000+ bikers from around the world will head to the generally sleepy community 90 miles south of Las Vegas and about 280 miles east of Los Angeles.  Vendors of motorcycle accessories take over the parking lots of several casinos during the celebration along with outside bars and biker fun.  A group ride along Historic Route 66 from Kingman, Arizona, to the ghost town of Oatman, Arizona, is also planned.  Country and rock music concerts include such performers as Jason Aldean (April 24) and Lynyrd Skynyrd (April 26). Both shows will be at the new Laughlin Event Center.  

Police presence is still exceptionally heavy here ever since the 2002 shootings that took place in Harrah’s by rival gangs.  Be aware of this if you are heading out and don’t give them reason to ticket.  One of my personal favorites is cruising up to Oatman and hanging out to see the craziness.  The place gets packed especially toward the weekend so get there early, grab a beer, and enjoy the show.  The Laughlin event to some is a weekend warrior event with a lot of RUB’s and guys that don’t always ride daily.  Which doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, you just need to be cautious of guys that can’t handle their liquor  or their bike and the police on both sides of the state line.  Make sure to bring your helmet if you plan to ride on the California side as it’s required by law and they will ticket.  Be safe, have a killer time and enjoy the 32nd Annual Laughlin River Run!


V-Twin Life

Laughlin River Run Logo

UPDATE: ‘SOA’ Creator Kurt Sutter Reacts To PTC Outrage Over Season Debut –

UPDATE, 6:20 PM: Kurt Sutter responded this afternoon to those who have savaged his Sons of Anarchy season debut over its school shooting scene. That includes the Parents Television Council, which used the FX drama’s episode to once again demand that Washington allow consumers to buy networks a la carte. “Obviously there is some blowback today,” Sutter said in a webcast on his WTF web page. “The PTC — I would imagine these are not evil people, but they’re just not very intelligent or intuitive people. … The fact that these people want to be monitoring what my children watch is terrifying. He suggested the PTC’s “simplistic, dangerous view” is “perhaps influenced by certain religious groups and people with other agendas” which, “whenever that stuff crosses the line into censorship, it’s just scary, not just on creative level but on a personal level”.

He apologized to viewers upset with the episode because they have been personally involved in one of the school shootings and suffer for it every day of their lives. But, he noted, ”that is a very small percentage of us.”  “I’m a storyteller. … I haves a god given gift that I can share with you and perhaps entertain you and bring you along for the ride. … So when anybody tries to take that away from me, or impede that, I get defensive.” He insisted the episode was necessary because the show’s hero, “or anti-hero, is a father of young boys of that age, who’s trying to protect them from the dangerous component of his outlaw life, and he deals guns. To suggest that piece of his life could not impede and bleed into the other areas of his life and that he’d be able to keep them separate — to me that’s irresponsible,” Sutter wrote. “These guys turning these guns out on the street, selling them to people, unaware of who’s using them and what they’re being used for — to suggest that those guns could not fall into the hands of people that were going to hurt other people, including children … that’s ignorant … that’s almost more irresponsible.”

He said he hoped the episode has “ripped the fucking scab off” in this country, forcing people to “have the conversation again” that they always have in the immediate aftermath of one of these school shootings but then don’t follow through on, as the “balm” of time settles over them and they get comfortable and unafraid again. “It’s the Groundhog Day experience,” he said. “For me, the PTC — they’re just fucking ridiculous.

“So again, a big thank you for the people who are tuning in, and until somebody kicks in my door and tackles me to the ground and cuts off my fucking hands, I’m going to keep doing what I do. So fuck them. And thank you.”

PREVIOUS: This week’s super-awesome — or super-horrifying, depending on your TV critic of choice — series-ratings-record-breaking season debut of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy demonstrated once again that you can’t beat drugs, prostitution, slaughter of children, crooked cops, rock music, and death by urine, when looking to gin up a crowd for an aging biker drama. It’s also a really effective way to drum up support for a-la-carte cable.

“The Parents Television Council is calling on its members to contact Congress to express the urgent need for a consumer cable choice solution in response to the violent and sexually graphic premiere of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy, which featured a young boy committing a school shooting, simulated rape scenes, torture of women, and a man who was drowned in a bathtub of urine,” PTC complained this morning.

“Think about the parents who have been personally affected by real-life school shootings – even they were forced to contribute to FX on their cable bills. This is an outrage, and the time for consumers to have real choice has come,”PTC president Tim Winter said in his organization’s expression of outrage.

He dismissed that old “change the channel” gag as “a lazy excuse from the cable industry’s own talking points that does not address the real problem.”  Finally, PTC got to the main event: a plug for the a-la-carte-pushing Television Consumer Freedom Act: “It’s time for consumers to have a real voice in what they want to pay for on their cable bills.”

And those faux school-shooting victims will not have died in vain.

via UPDATE: ‘SOA’ Creator Kurt Sutter Reacts To PTC Outrage Over Season Debut –

“Sons of Anarchy” Ron Perlman joins MS “Ride for Hope”

Sons of Anarchy Fan? Multiple Sclerosis fighter? Motorcycle riders unite and join Grand Marshall Ron Perlman in the MS Ride for Hope on Sunday, May 19, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA.  Riders can enter to win a new Harley Davidson Black Road King Classic that will be raffled off at The Canyon, where the ride culminates with lunch and entertainment. Also up for grabs at the raffle is a black leather jacket signed by the cast of “Sons Of Anarchy” and some other very cool items signed by the cast.

Click here for details on what promises to be a fantastic day for a great cause, and learn how you can participate in the raffle/ride combo. See you there!

Ron Perlman "Sons of Anarchy"

Ron Perlman “Sons of Anarchy”