Destination Sturgis! The largest motorcycle rally in the world!

Sturgis, South Dakota will be the place to be August 5-11.  As we are headed back to the Black Hills I am reminded of all the rides and sites this destination has to offer.  There is so much to do you could literally have a different experience each year.  The campsites continue to grow larger and larger and there seems to be a plethora of concerts to choose from.  The largest being The Buffalo Chip which has package deals for the week that include the concerts or you can purchase daily pass and enjoy the grounds.  Glencoe is another big one as well as The Broken Spoke.  I for one enjoy the old school campsites for that little bit of peace at the end of the day.  Whichever you prefer whether it be a room in deadwood or a place in Spearfish,  or craziness at the Chip, you know one thing that you are going to have a kick ass time!

Aerial View from the Chip

Sturgis which got it’s name from General Samuel D. Sturgis usually has a population of 6,627 is more of a sleepy town until the first week of August where nearly a half million bikers from all over the world attend this rally.  The flood of bikes that come in from custom to old school to new baggers to old rat bikes is astonishing.  Everybody has their newest or latest build to show off and just a walk down the famous Main street will give you a taste of biker heaven!  It’s a crazy scene with all walks of life cruising around and partying it up!

Sturgis Main street

With so many places to ride one place to see in town is the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame.  It is dedicated to preserving the history of motorcycling while honoring the heritage of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in SturgisSouth Dakota. The museum’s doors officially opened in June 2001. The museum’s first location was an old church renovated with extensive help from community groups including the museum’s Board of Directors, the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club, local students and other volunteers from the Sturgis community.

Vintage and rare motorcycles were loaned to the museum for the opening by national and local collectors. After a year of successful operation, the City of Sturgis provided the museum with a new facility at Main Street and Junction Avenue. The historical building had served as the community’s post office for over 60 years

Of course if you are riding to Sturgis then you want to ride the Black Hills which has beautiful landscape and scenery.  One of the highlights for me is going to see is Mount Rushmore which in person just blows you away.  It such a site to see and the small town of Keystone is another cool place to stop for a drink.  All through the the Black hills towns will pop up and campsites will be in full party mode.  No matter where you stay or what your agenda is just make sure to respect your fellow brothers out there and have a kick ass time!

Mount Rushmore National Memorial.jpg

Mount Rushmore National Memorial


Keep the Rubber on the Road and look out for the follow up Review and Photos!