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Harley-Davidson Shuts Down Kansas Plant, Sales Decline

Harley-Davidson to close down assembly plant in Kansas City, one of the four US factories even as sales continue to decline for the American motorcycle


• Harley-Davidson sales under pressure in the US, and globally

• The Kansas City plant is one of the four H-D plants in the US

• Harley-Davidson to launch electric bike in 18 months

Harley-Davidson sales fell sharply in 2017 and the company has decided to go ahead with consolidating its manufacturing operations, including the decision to shut down its Kansas City plant. About 800 jobs in the Kansas City plant will be cut, but production will be ramped up at Harley-Davidson’s York, Pennsylvania plant and 450 positions will be added to this plant. But the world’s largest manufacturer of heavyweight cruiser motorcycles has struggled to reverse a four-year sales slide, even though there’s been some sales growth in Harley-Davidson’s overseas markets.

The Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire concept was first showcased in 2014

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Worldwide retail sales of Harley-Davidson motorcycles fell 6.7 per cent in 2017, compared to 2016. And domestic sales in the US fell 8.5 per cent, while international sales were down 3.9 per cent. The company shipped 1,44,893 motorcycles in 2017, a drop of 10 per cent from the year before. In 2017, Harley-Davidson shipped 2,41,498 motorcycles globally, and for 2018, volumes are expected to be between 2,31,000 to 2,36,000 motorcycles globally.

Harley-Davidson has introduced new four-valve engines for its model range

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Clearly, Harley-Davidson is now looking at boosting its international business, rather than focussing on a sliding domestic market. Harley had said that the company intends to add two million new riders in the US over the coming decade and boost its international business to 50 per cent of its total annual volume from around 38 per cent. And as part of that effort, the company has also announced that it will launch its first electric motorcycle within 18 months. Harley-Davidson is expected to invest more aggressively in developing electric motorcycle technology, so the future of Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle development seems to be well on track.

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New Sons of Anarchy Spin-off


Sons of Anarchy Spinoff Gets Official Title, New Writer.

FX is revving up its Mayans-centric Sons of Anarchy spinoff.
The cabler announced Wednesday that SOA creator Kurt Sutter has handpicked up-and-coming writer Elgin James to pen the pilot for the potential series, which has been titled Mayans MC. Sutter will be credited as a co-creator alongside James.

FX, meanwhile, calls Mayans MC “a dark, visceral family drama that takes a new look at the most American of icons, the 1% outlaw, this time, reflected through a Latino lens.”
On his decision to hire James, whose most notable credit is the 2012 indie Little Birds, Sutter said in a statement, “I wanted to find a strong, unique Latino voice. Because I didn’t think a white guy from Jersey should be writing about Latin culture and traditions. Elgin is that voice.” Elgin is next set to direct the film adaptation of A Million Little Pieces.

Sons of Anarchy ended its seven-season run in 2014. Sutter’s 2015 FX follow-up, The Bastard Executioner, failed to match SOA‘s success and was subsequently cancelled after just one season.

Progressive International Motorcycle Show – V-Twin Life

How time flies when you’re having fun.  It’s that time again for the Progressive International Motorcycle Show to start revving there engines.  Dates are set and every year this show keeps growing and getting better and better.  If you’re in the hunt for a new bike or even want to test ride the new 2015 bikes then it’s time to get down to the Progressive International Motorcycle show.  Raise your motorcycle IQ down at the main stage where over two dozen free seminars are held by industry leaders and celebrity bikers.  For the custom lover check out the talent that comes here from all over for the J & P Cycles build off that is  top notch.  The custom rides never cease to amaze me and the competition is stiff.  From old school cool to the newest technologies one can incorporate into a build is a phenomenal site.  There is always tons of vendors showing their latest gadgets and clothing available for purchase.  If you need anything they probably have it!

Parking is easy when you ride in all cagers (cars) will have to park further out.  One cool thing is the free gear check in area for all your helmets and jackets that way you can be worry free and ready to hang out.

The event we will be covering is the Long Beach show which runs Friday November 14th through the Sunday November 16th.  For more event details or to purchase tickets near you click on the link below.


The Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows® have partnered with a local dealership in your area to bring you a night fueled by community, great entertainment and a genuine love for riding motorcycles. Join us in the fun, ride out from your local dealership to a private screening of the film Why We Ride, and get the scoop on what’s to come for your city’s next Progressive International Motorcycle Show.

Featuring the world’s leading customized bikes and offering the largest prize purse of any builder competition on earth, the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show Presented by J&P Cycles offers you direct access to the foremost custom competition on the planet. Check out jaw-dropping designs, unbelievably exact engineering and painstakingly precise paint-jobs in this premier head-to-head motorcycle match-up. You’ll even have the opportunity to meet the artists, get their autographs, take pictures, and then voice your opinion to help decide the winner!



New Motorcycle and Bicycle App that could save your life – V-Twin Life

In most accidents between a car and a bike, drivers tend to say the same thing: They just didn’t see the cyclist until it was too late. A new app aims to help by automatically warning drivers several seconds before a bike is visible. Using the ubiquity of smartphones, the app creates a vehicle-to-vehicle communication network between cars, bicycles, and motorcycles on the road.

“You’ve probably had the experience that you’re driving your car, and all of the sudden a motorcycle passes you on the left, fast,” says Pere Margalef, one of the designers of the new BikeShieldApp. “You think if you’d just decided to change lanes, you would have hit this guy. So I thought, what if somehow before I even see him, I know that he’s coming?”

Other companies are also developing technology for communication between vehicles, but those rely on adding new hardware, like sensors, to both cars and bikes. “It’s too complicated,” Margalef says. “I know it will happen eventually–in 10 years, cars may be driving themselves and preventing accidents. But that’s too late. I’m riding my bike and motorcycle now, and I want to fix the problem now.”

Since smartphones have the technology necessary to track vehicles, the designers decided to make an app. The app uses GPS to follow each vehicle, and when any two vehicles are close enough that an accident could happen, the app sends a notification to the driver. It can be set to a simple sound effect, or can give a voiced warning that, for example, a bike is approaching on the right. The warning comes five to ten seconds before you actually see a bicycle or motorcycle.

Cyclists won’t get a warning, since it can be less safe to listen to messages while riding, and because someone on a bike doesn’t have the same speed or ability to respond as a car. But they can use the app in other ways, including to get a recommendation for the safest route based on the number of people on the road who happen to also have the app.

The biggest challenge will be getting enough people to use the app that it can truly protect those on the road. To help gain adoption, the app is free, and the designers hope to use tightly knit bike and motorcycle communities to reach out to friends who drive.

“When I bought my motorcycle, all my friends were freaking out, saying, ‘You’re going to kill yourself, don’t do this,'” explains Margalef. “So now I can say I found a solution to keep me safe. If everyone who rides a bike or motorcycle shares it with 10 people, that’s one way for car drivers to start using it.”

The designers also plan to work with car insurance companies to integrate the technology into their own apps, and ultimately hopes to build it into cars–either through technology like Apple’s new CarPlay, or by working directly with manufacturers. They also hope to integrate the function into navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps, so drivers will have it without downloading anything new.

“No one wants to be in an accident,” says Margalef. “But some drivers might not take the time to download the app, so we also want to integrate it by default.”

The “I didn’t see him coming” excuse won’t hold if the BikeShield app becomes widely used. BikeShieldApp will be available in the App Store and Google Play Store on September 12.

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Biker Rally – 2014 Laughlin River Run – Harley-Davidson and V-Twin Life

It’s that time again here on the west when thousands of motorcyclist will roll into Laughlin, Nevada to take over the small town on the Colorado River.  At the annual Laughlin River Run on April 23-27, nearly 40,000+ bikers from around the world will head to the generally sleepy community 90 miles south of Las Vegas and about 280 miles east of Los Angeles.  Vendors of motorcycle accessories take over the parking lots of several casinos during the celebration along with outside bars and biker fun.  A group ride along Historic Route 66 from Kingman, Arizona, to the ghost town of Oatman, Arizona, is also planned.  Country and rock music concerts include such performers as Jason Aldean (April 24) and Lynyrd Skynyrd (April 26). Both shows will be at the new Laughlin Event Center.  

Police presence is still exceptionally heavy here ever since the 2002 shootings that took place in Harrah’s by rival gangs.  Be aware of this if you are heading out and don’t give them reason to ticket.  One of my personal favorites is cruising up to Oatman and hanging out to see the craziness.  The place gets packed especially toward the weekend so get there early, grab a beer, and enjoy the show.  The Laughlin event to some is a weekend warrior event with a lot of RUB’s and guys that don’t always ride daily.  Which doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, you just need to be cautious of guys that can’t handle their liquor  or their bike and the police on both sides of the state line.  Make sure to bring your helmet if you plan to ride on the California side as it’s required by law and they will ticket.  Be safe, have a killer time and enjoy the 32nd Annual Laughlin River Run!


V-Twin Life

Laughlin River Run Logo

Destination Sturgis! The largest motorcycle rally in the world!

Sturgis, South Dakota will be the place to be August 5-11.  As we are headed back to the Black Hills I am reminded of all the rides and sites this destination has to offer.  There is so much to do you could literally have a different experience each year.  The campsites continue to grow larger and larger and there seems to be a plethora of concerts to choose from.  The largest being The Buffalo Chip which has package deals for the week that include the concerts or you can purchase daily pass and enjoy the grounds.  Glencoe is another big one as well as The Broken Spoke.  I for one enjoy the old school campsites for that little bit of peace at the end of the day.  Whichever you prefer whether it be a room in deadwood or a place in Spearfish,  or craziness at the Chip, you know one thing that you are going to have a kick ass time!

Aerial View from the Chip

Sturgis which got it’s name from General Samuel D. Sturgis usually has a population of 6,627 is more of a sleepy town until the first week of August where nearly a half million bikers from all over the world attend this rally.  The flood of bikes that come in from custom to old school to new baggers to old rat bikes is astonishing.  Everybody has their newest or latest build to show off and just a walk down the famous Main street will give you a taste of biker heaven!  It’s a crazy scene with all walks of life cruising around and partying it up!

Sturgis Main street

With so many places to ride one place to see in town is the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame.  It is dedicated to preserving the history of motorcycling while honoring the heritage of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in SturgisSouth Dakota. The museum’s doors officially opened in June 2001. The museum’s first location was an old church renovated with extensive help from community groups including the museum’s Board of Directors, the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club, local students and other volunteers from the Sturgis community.

Vintage and rare motorcycles were loaned to the museum for the opening by national and local collectors. After a year of successful operation, the City of Sturgis provided the museum with a new facility at Main Street and Junction Avenue. The historical building had served as the community’s post office for over 60 years

Of course if you are riding to Sturgis then you want to ride the Black Hills which has beautiful landscape and scenery.  One of the highlights for me is going to see is Mount Rushmore which in person just blows you away.  It such a site to see and the small town of Keystone is another cool place to stop for a drink.  All through the the Black hills towns will pop up and campsites will be in full party mode.  No matter where you stay or what your agenda is just make sure to respect your fellow brothers out there and have a kick ass time!

Mount Rushmore National Memorial.jpg

Mount Rushmore National Memorial


Keep the Rubber on the Road and look out for the follow up Review and Photos!