Biker Rally – 2014 Laughlin River Run – Harley-Davidson and V-Twin Life

It’s that time again here on the west when thousands of motorcyclist will roll into Laughlin, Nevada to take over the small town on the Colorado River.  At the annual Laughlin River Run on April 23-27, nearly 40,000+ bikers from around the world will head to the generally sleepy community 90 miles south of Las Vegas and about 280 miles east of Los Angeles.  Vendors of motorcycle accessories take over the parking lots of several casinos during the celebration along with outside bars and biker fun.  A group ride along Historic Route 66 from Kingman, Arizona, to the ghost town of Oatman, Arizona, is also planned.  Country and rock music concerts include such performers as Jason Aldean (April 24) and Lynyrd Skynyrd (April 26). Both shows will be at the new Laughlin Event Center.  

Police presence is still exceptionally heavy here ever since the 2002 shootings that took place in Harrah’s by rival gangs.  Be aware of this if you are heading out and don’t give them reason to ticket.  One of my personal favorites is cruising up to Oatman and hanging out to see the craziness.  The place gets packed especially toward the weekend so get there early, grab a beer, and enjoy the show.  The Laughlin event to some is a weekend warrior event with a lot of RUB’s and guys that don’t always ride daily.  Which doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, you just need to be cautious of guys that can’t handle their liquor  or their bike and the police on both sides of the state line.  Make sure to bring your helmet if you plan to ride on the California side as it’s required by law and they will ticket.  Be safe, have a killer time and enjoy the 32nd Annual Laughlin River Run!


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