Destination Sturgis – Recap, Photos and Days End Campground review – Part 1

The journey begin with a long trek out to Albuquerque from SoCal roughly 850 miles where we met up with family.  After a short night’s rest we were on the I-25 heading North with the destination being Sturgis, SD.  After three days of hard traveling we were pretty tired but stoked to be at our new home for the next eight days.  We booked a spot in the Days End Campground site right in the beginning of town to have better access to the festivities.  I for one have never stayed there so it was a good chance to review a different place.  It’s been three years since I’ve been to Sturgis last, celebrating the 70th anniversary and I couldn’t be more excited.  V-Twin Life has arrived!

Sturgis Road Trip 2013

Sturgis Road Trip 2013

Getting into Deadwood and Sturgis

After setting up our campsite with a beer in hand we were ready for the party to begin.  Old friends started cruising over and it was good to reunite and talk about old stories.  Sunday rolled around and more friends were on the road so it was a good time for us to cruise around and check things out before everything got swamped.  It was the first time for my girl traveling to Sturgis, who became quite the photographer with a little direction.  It was nice to have some help for a change and someone I could trust.  We rode through Main Street and cruised outside town to visit with the Full Throttle Saloon, checked out the Chip, and finally got to the Broken Spoke Campground.  Great day of riding once we got out-of-town and the weather couldn’t be better!  One hell of a good start to our rally.

Hangin at the Throttle

Legendary Buffalo Chip

Legendary Buffalo Chip

Hangin with the Irish

Hangin with the Irish

Monday morning woke up feeling good, a little banged up from the road but it was a good time to do some business  while we were waiting for the other crew to make it out.  We headed to Spearfish Canyon off some advice from a buddy and it couldn’t be in a better setting.  Beautiful country and had the course to ourselves.  I had to play in my Harley gear but oh well that’s what we are here for and we had a great time.

Spearfish Canyon GC

Spearfish Canyon GC

As the day went on and we got deeper into the 19th hole it was back to the rally and meeting up with our crew and friends.  Monday night became a blur of good times, photos only I have and reuniting with old friends for a BBQ we threw for a buddies birthday.  The night solidified our trip and we knew it was on!  Tomorrow was going to be a big riding day as Mount Rushmore and The Black Hills were calling my name.

Morning Coffee Harley Style

Morning Coffee Harley Style

Tuesday came around and the inevitable hangover took over but with coffee and a shower we were ready to roll.  We had the full crew today including some new friends and we were out to ride the hills.  First stop was a place we enjoyed last time, Nemo Campground .  Beautiful campground and our buddy “Double D” Dave dove into a $12 Burger with everything on it.  I dove into a PBR and I was feeling normal again.  The music was flowing, the weather was gorgeous with blue skies and a mix of crazy clouds just enough to cool the day off.  We continued to ride heading the back way to Mount Rushmore.  Some of the guys had been there but not walked into the park which is a must in my opinion.  If you haven’t been it’s time to take a trip up there.  There is a lot of cool hikes and trails letting you get closer than the circus taking photos by the lookout.  But just like anything beautiful place like this you deal with the crowd and just make it the best experience you can.  My girl and I snuck off to chill on a side lookout and had the Presidents to ourselves which was nice for her as she kept staring and staring at the magnitude of what she was seeing in person.  I’m glad we got to enjoy that moment together.

V-Twin Life - Mount Rushmore

V-Twin Life – Mount Rushmore

V-Twin Life - Riding to Mt Rushmore in the turn

V-Twin Life – Riding to Mt Rushmore in the turn

V-Twin Life - Riding the Black Hills

V-Twin Life – Riding the Black Hills

Riding around The Black Hills with family and friends is like nothing else and still my favorite part of coming to Sturgis.  Some people can’t stand the circus environment that Sturgis brings and the tons of baggers and RUB’s that come with their full get up but that’s all part of the fun in my opinion.  The older I get I seem to learn to enjoy the environment I’m in and really appreciate the beauty and times while I’m doing them.  I make my own fun no matter what cheesy things are going on.  It’s really a matter of attitude, people get too caught up in what others are doing and end up ruining what would’ve been a good trip and I’m speaking from experience.  We had a crazy lady that almost got the better of our crew but once she left and things calmed down the energy flowed in the right direction again and that made me happy.  All I’m saying is have your own time, make your own memories and do what brings you a smile cause at the end of the day that’s all that matters and those times are what helps you get through the grind.

V-Twin Life - Road to Deadwood

V-Twin Life – Road to Deadwood

V-Twin Life - Stockade, Deadwood, SD

V-Twin Life – Stockade, Deadwood, SD

V-Twin Life - Deadwood, South Dakota (get your guns)

V-Twin Life – Deadwood, South Dakota (get your guns)

Something special about this place maybe I have a soft spot since we stayed here last but Deadwood is cool little town with a lot of American history.  During the rally I just want to get through because of traffic but we’ve had good times after a long days riding partying it up here.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Sturgis Rally recap and photos.  More of Custer State Park and Main Street craziness with some killer bikes on display and of course the girls.  Have a great ride and keep the rubber on the road!



V-Twin Life - Road King at the Sturgis sign

V-Twin Life – The Beast at the Sturgis sign


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