Born-Free 5 show Pics and Review! Vintage Chopper and Classic Motorcycle Show

Born-Free 5 was an incredible show with so many quality builds!  My head was spinning from the moment we arrived at Oak Canyon Ranch.  The traffic was very congested due to another event being held next to BF5 but that didn’t stop the train of bikes cruising up the side making up time.  Thank god for two wheels and everybody riding smart, we all got in safe.  I knew traffic would be an issue as the show continues to grow each year so for next year plan accordingly.

Entering Born-Free 5 passing cars

Entering Born-Free 5 passing cars

Once we rode into the grounds it was a very cool scene with all the different bikes and styles of bikers.  The show is packed with Vintage bikes from all over and some really cool custom bikes from another planet.  It’s a nice change to be able to park your bike on the grass in the event grounds in case you need anything or want to change.  The day was brutally hot but the trees provided some relief as the day went on along with the beer and laughter flowing strong.

Born-Free Entering the grounds

Born-Free  5 was set up in a cool way which allowed for multiple parts and vendors to show their goods.  The vibe was good all around and the bikes were all very accessible which made for some interesting tech talk.  We met some good people at the Show Class Peoples Champion Pre-party and ended up hanging out with them all weekend.  There was a ton of vendor booths with killer parts and everything you need to build a chopper from leather custom seats to frames to bars to hardtail parts galore.  It’s a builders dream or even if you’re just thinking about building a chopper, you can get great ideas from most guys you only see online or in mags.

There was 32 total invited bike builders.  18 who displayed their custom rides and were part of the bike giveaway that you could win just by buying a ticket.  I had my sights set on a knuckle built by Masa from LuckMC which was also painted by Chemical Candy Customs.  If I had won this would’ve been my first choice to take home.  The show was a blast to attend and I’m glad we were apart of something great and not another washed out event.  This show has Soul and Heartbeat that keeps pushing all these great builders to do what they do each and every year.  I can’t wait till the next one!!

I just want to Thanks Grant @large_hands_grant and Mike @Mikedavis70 for putting on one hell of an event.  V-Twin Life will be there next year and hopefully be bringing my own chopper build as my inspiration has gone through the roof.  Enjoy some of the pics from the event.



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