Run For the Wall – Memorial Day H-D Motorcycle Rally

Run For the Wall

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The annual “Run For the Wall” event is going on now traveling in two groups, one via the I-40 or Central route and the other via I-10 or Southern route.  Both groups starting out in San Bernardino, CA and ending in Washington D.C.  The trip takes ten days to reach the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, where the Run officially ends on Sunday evening before Memorial Day. Additionally, they have things scheduled for the weekend, ending with participation in the Rolling Thunder Parade in Washington, D.C., on Sunday. It is quite a sight to behold, 350,000 plus motorcycles all starting from the Pentagon parking lots, parading through downtown Washington, and ending at the Wall.

Some people join Run For The Wall and think of it as just another vacation or motorcycle event. After one or two days, though, you realize this is something very special. It is unlike anything else you have experienced, and it becomes a MISSION! You become part of the Run For The Wall family whose members come from all over the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries. What could be more perfect than, riding on a mission, making new friends, and helping a very good cause, POW/MIA?

Run For The Wall

Run For The Wall

I’ve been on this trip twice both times taken with my uncle who served in Vietnam and has done the run over 10 years.  This trip from a personal perspective is an eye-opening experience of a lifetime.  Spending time with those who have so bravely served our country and hearing the stories first hand is an experience that no book can ever teach you about.  This is the 25th anniversary of the Run and I look forward to doing it again.

Ride safe brothers!

Run For The Wall Pin and FNG Button from 1st run in 2002

Run For The Wall Pin and FNG Button from 1st run in 2002



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