Woman Riders Welcome! – Harley-Davidson Lifestyle

One of the biggest shifts taking place in the motorcycling industry is the growth and impact of the female riding population. The largest group and most diverse is coming from Generation “Y.”  With the Arizona Bike Week in full affect I am seeing the transformation of women going from riding two-up to owning and riding their own bike.  “The number of women motorcycle operators in the U.S. has increased slowly to about 7.2 million of about 27 million overall in 2009, according to the latest survey by the Motorcycle Industry Council. About 1 in 10 owners are women,” said Cam Arnold, a vice president for the trade group.  So Woman whether you’re riding with your man or cruising solo, V-Twin Life solutes you!  Have a great weekend.

Harley Girls Rule!

Harley Girls Rule!

Woman Riders

Woman Riders


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