Locked Into The Turn

When your bike is firing correctly and your locked into that road.  There’s a moment when time stops and and everything becomes fluidity.  Riding can be an obsession, if it’s not already, it will be.  Thinking about your bike…what part to change?…How to do it?…where to buy it?…are all consuming questions for most.  That’s why you just need to ride and everything will come to you.  Riding has forever changed my life and the small times I’ve had without a bike felt like I lost a loved one.

Bikes are a part of the family and for some even more important.  A biker could be broke as a joke only to find his HOG polished and ready to go.  I still get excited every time I start my bike because I know I’m going to be revving down the road and  locked into the Turn.

Into the Turn

Into the Turn


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