Sounds like a HOG to me!

The joy and excitement from buying your first Harley is an incredible experience.  As the first day of Spring comes to a close bike season is officially open.  Many new bikers will be searching for a new ride or trying to sell one.  You feel it in the air as the sun starts to warm and the days start to extend.  Time to clean your bike, check the fluids, and take the trickle charger off.  It’s time to put your leathers on and ride.

I began my day helping a friend who had just sold his old Yamaha/Harley bobber (thankfully).  A bike that has given him trouble since day one but didn’t really get the itch until I pulled up with my Road King.  He was immediately enthralled with the sound of my Thunderheader pipes and became fixed on the image of him one day riding a real Harley.  Today was that day.  It was his initial ride and after looking at many bikes of all types we found the one.  A solid Street Glide black and chrome just like he wanted.  Now the fun begins or better yet never ends.  Buying the bike is just the start.  Harley Davidson motorcycles are made to be taken apart, added to, worked on, and customized to your taste.   There is not a shortage of parts or options whether it be from the HD Dealer or aftermarket companies like Kuryakyn, Roland Sands, or Performance Machine to name a few.

I was glad after all the searching online and driving around that he was now full of smiles, joy, and pride that only a Harley owner can understand.  When he asked me what I thought about the sound, I said “Sounds like a HOG to me brother!”  Look forward to many rides together and keep the rubber on the road.

Black and Chrome

Black and Chrome


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